Revert | Uninstall Problem causing Microsoft Windows Updates like KB4549951

Microsoft Windows is releasing most of the updates for its products very frequently. Our PC gets these Windows updates almost every week. Some times these updates make our PC unstable, slow, unresponsive and even gives us the well known blue-screen errors by hand. To repair your PC from all these glitches the only way is to uninstall the recent updates.

To uninstall the recent Windows update follow the steps below.

Navigate to Installed updates.
Press Windows Key+R, then type-in appwiz.cpl and hit enter.

Click on View installed updates on the left pane window. 

Now navigate to Microsoft Windows title and expand it. Click on Installed On to list recent updates on top of the order.
Select the update according to its KB number that is making you the trouble or select the recent one. Double-click on the selected update or right-click and then click Uninstall. Then click yes

Pause the Windows Updates

You can pause the Windows Updates for a maximum of 35 days'. To pause the Windows update follow the steps.

Press Windows Key+R, then type-in ms-settings:windowsupdate and hit enter. This will open Windows updates in settings directly.

Click on Advanced options and then under Pause updates select the date till when you want to pause Microsoft Windows updates.

You can share the article to help more people from uninstalling trouble making Microsoft Windows updates like KB4549951 (Windows 10 KB4549951 is a critical security update for Windows 10 1903 and 1909 – the two most recent versions of Windows 10) and KB4554364 that cause WiFi and other problems.

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