Create Netcat Reverse Shell and Bind Shell.

This article explains how the two types of connections, Reverse connection and Bind connection are made to get a shell on the box with Netcat utility. Ncat or Netcat is a feature-packed networking utility which reads and writes raw data across networks from the command line. A utility like Netcat helps us to get a reverse shell in multiple situations like getting shell while RCE in web applications, during post-exploitation, and many more.
The bind connection is that when you have to connect to the remote IP address and port number, which is, most of the time does not work due to the presence of a firewall at another end, which is blocking all incoming connections unless the port is in the exception list.

Install and Configure SSH Service in Kali Linux | Linux

In this article, you will learn how to install and configure SSH service in Debian based operating systems like Kali Linux. SSH service is used to access the command line terminal remotely. The SSH service 'Secure Shell' makes use of encryption with public/private keys to make your connection secure.

Installing SSH service on Kali Linux

Kali Linux is pre-installed with Open SSH service, we do not have to install it. If you are using any other Debian based system, then complete the installation by doing these steps.

Revert | Uninstall Problem causing Microsoft Windows Updates like KB4549951

Microsoft Windows is releasing most of the updates for its products very frequently. Our PC gets these Windows updates almost every week. Some times these updates make our PC unstable, slow, unresponsive and even gives us the well known blue-screen errors by hand. To repair your PC from all these glitches the only way is to uninstall the recent updates.

To uninstall the recent Windows update follow the steps below.

Exploit Windows XP SMB Service MS08-067 (netapi) vulnerability with Metasploit | Getting strated with Metasploit

As most of us know or hear about the Metasploit framework from Rapid7. We will learn how to use the Metasploit Framework to exploit a well known Microsoft Windows XP SMB service vulnerability (MS-08-067) and gain full control of the Windows machine.

Lab Setup:

Target: Windows XP SP2 (IP Address)  -->
Attacker: Kali machine  (IP Address) -->